Gavrilov's house appliances

2 weeks Team of 8 people

December 2016

Gameplay, audio


Project Brief

Gavrilov's house appliances is one of the 3 "game marmalade" projects, that we did at NHTV. Like game jams, but longer. We developed it during the second quarter of the second year of our education. Theme that we were given was "cognitive dissonance"

Our idea in the game is that the player needs to complete several house chores using house appliances, but the appliances are made by a mad scientist, and so they have the opposite effect of what they seem to have. It could be described as a hidden object game with a twist. Our target audience were people over 50, so the game is very simple in mechanics.

Project Result

We managed to create a relatively polished game for the timeframe we were given. We created a system for object interaction and level creation, and with it, we managed to create three levels.

My contribution


I helped to create the gameplay - I implemented picking up the objects, and advised some of the design choices.


I found and implemented all the audio in our game, including an audio system that would mix music to the player based on where they would have their mouse.

As you can see, I also contributed my surname to the game. Not my idea, but I'm ok with it 😄