Started July 2018




Jello is a passion project of mine. Taking inspiration from challenging platformers like Super Meat Boy and Celeste, I bring in my own unique movement mechanics. Player takes control of a jelly, that can jump, wobble, and throw out a sticky grappling hook. The game is designed for a controller, utilizing the joysticks in a new, refreshing way.

Started as an assessment project, I dreamed of making a real game out of Jello for years. After four years of study, I picked it as my graduation project, and laid a great foundation. But I didn't stop there, and am still developing this game with the goal of releasing it one day.

Custom Physics

The core for the jello physics were laid down a long time ago. When I made the first prototype, I didn't know much programming, let alone physics programming. It was my first ever attempt of making a game. As such, I made a lot of mistakes in the physics code, but in all the right ways! For the current version, I optimized and cleaned the physics code, and added a lot of tweaks to make the movement more nice and juicy.

Project Management and Collaboration

Working alone has it's benefits. There's zero friction, and 100% creative control. I could keep working alone, however I understand that it will get done much faster and better with some help.

Nowadays, we have a few artists in the team working part-time, as well as one person helping with level design. We set up a revenue-sharing contract based on the time we track on work. That, project tasks, and other relevant things are kept in a workspace in Notion.

In Game Level Editor

A custom level editor not only assures a more controlled level design pipeline, but also makes it possible to change levels at runtime for testing, and with binary saving and loading, players will be able to make and share their own creations, which is always a great thing for games in this genre.