July 2018 - Present




Jello is a passion project of mine that started as a University entrance test. The player would pull a joystick, and let go like a slinky to make the jelly character jump.

Since 2018, I started remaking Jello in Unity, and have not stopped working on it since. First as a side project, graduation project, and eventually leading to me working on Jello for a year full time.

I am very proud of what Jello is today. It released on Steam, and after going through lotcheck, I plan to release it on Nintendo Switch as well.

Custom Physics

The core for the jello physics were laid down a long time ago. When I made the first prototype, I didn't know much programming, let alone physics programming. It was my first ever attempt of making a game. As such, I made a lot of mistakes in the physics code, but in all the right ways! For the current version, I optimized and cleaned the physics code, and added a lot of tweaks to make the movement more nice and juicy.

Project Management and Collaboration

Although it's a project I started myself, I have not been working on it all on my own. Over time, I worked with multiple concept artists to push the look of Jello further, hired one artist as an employee, and outsourced several other tasks for the game.

In Game Level Editor

I've made a one of a kind level editor where anyone can create beautiful scenes in minutes. Using procedural decorations, I make sure that the user has just enough control, but none of the worries of making a level look pretty.