8 weeks Team of 4 people

December 2016

Gameplay, Graphics, Music

Unity, Ableton Live

Project Brief

Oberon is a game that I made with two other designers and an artist during my first year at NHTV. The constraints that we were given were to make a puzzle game based on physics.

All the programmers had to write their own physics as well, and if possible, put them in game.

Our idea was similar to angry birds, but the player not only has to kill the bad guys, but also has to make sure the good guys stay alive. Besides that, we had a special mechanic for destroying the blocks in the levels. The player puts a "lightbomb" in the level, which destroys all blocks of the same color that it can see.

Project Result

We managed to create 8 puzzles. The game worked nicely. It was a good idea, the puzzles worked well, and people enjoyed playing them during the playday. The art of the game is quite rushed, because our artist started over 5 times with 5 different themes, but it worked out in the end for art that was made in less than two weeks.

My contribution

Core Gameplay

I came up with the mechanic for destroying the blocks, as well as implemented it in our game. I made the effects for the lightbomb using lights and a little bit of shader knowledge that I got from my battleships project. I helped design and create a lot of the game loop and general gameplay code.

Original Music

I made original music for Oberon. You can hear it here, as well as in the trailer I made above.

2D Physics

In parallel I studied and made my own custom 2D physics. Unfortunately it was not ready in time to make it into to the game. You can see more about it here.