Pizza Panic

48 hours Team of 3 people

January 2018

Gameplay, Audio


Project Brief

Pizza Panic is a Multiplayer game that I developed with 2 other people during Global Game Jam 2018. The theme for the GGJ was "Transmission". Right from the start we set out to do a hectic fun party game.

Our team was the same as the previous GGJ, however our artist had some trouble with the environment, so one other artist briefly helped her create the level.

Project Result

In Pizza Panic, 2-4 players compete to see who can deliver more pizzas in a set amount of time. They have to be quick, as pizzas get cold, yet careful, because it's easy to bump into something and scatter your pizza across the level. If a player has no pizza picked up, they can bump into other people and ruin their delivery to make them lose score. Controlling the pizza mopeds is satisfying, yet challenging, because of the amount of drift.

I am really proud of what we could achieve in such a short timeframe. We won 3rd place in audience votes at our location (with 1 vote difference from 2nd and 1 more to 1st).

My Contribution

Core Gameplay

I am really happy with my output during this project. I came up with the initial idea, player movement, as well as implemented and balanced almost all gameplay systems by myself.


Because we chose such a simple idea for our game, it left a lot of room for polish. I implemented audio in game (The main music was made by my teammate). I also spent a lot of time doing small visual things that make the game feel good, such as pizzas flying around after collision.