Snaky Snake

48 hours Team of 3 people

January 2017

Gameplay programming and design


Project Brief

Snaky Snake is a small game prototype that I made with two other people during Global Game Jam 2017. The theme for that year's GGJ was "waves"

We started off with me and three other people, but after day one of the jam one of the two artists gave up and left our team. However, that didn't stop us and we developed a pretty neat little game.

Project Result

In Snaky Snake, the player has to press the left and right arrows to move forward through the level in a wavy snaky fashion. If you are too slow or you fall down, the camera catches up to you, and you lose the game. If the player holds down space and then releases it, the snake jumps.

The end result is not anything extraordinary, but I believe that it's a fun and challenging experience to get through the level that we made. The artstyle that we went for is deliberately simple. After all we were left with only one full-time artist, and at the time she was only in her first year of education.

My Contribution

Main Gameplay

The main thing that I worked on during the game jam was the snake itself. I came up with the initial idea of the movement, developed, and balanced it.


As usual with a project of this size, I wore a lot of hats. I created the last third of the level, did set dressing with some rocks that a student created for us in Houdini, and implemented the visual pulsation of the snake and runes in the level