The Survivors

Arctic Western Battle Royale

10 Months 40+ people

July 2018

Networked Gameplay Systems

Unreal Engine 4

Project Brief

The Survivors is a 100 players fps battle to be the last man standing in a 3km by 3km Arctic Western themed open world. A unique elimination system sets the pace and flow for the players, while AI encampments can be fought for additional loot.

Project Result

By the end of the year, we delivered a very large-scale game that was not only fun to play, but we also had live alpha testing on steam during production, had people play our game every evening, and constantly improved and polished our game based on community feedback.

My Contribution

Weapon System

In collaboration with designers from our team, I developed a fully customizable weapon system. It is networked, supports ADS, three types of recoil, and all other things that you would expect from guns. Triggering visual effects of the guns is separated from the core functionality into a separate class for better workflow in the team. Attachments can also be put on weapons to change their behavior as needed.

Elimination System

Our team wanted to do something new with the battle royale genre. We decided to make a new elimination mechanic, that that would have multiple circles instead of one. I made the system that procedurally decides amount, size, and positions of the safe zones, that appear throughout the game.


Of course, I also contributed to the game in a lot of other ways. I helped my teammates with blueprints, participated in the prototyping phase of the project, and worked on a lot of little things that are not worth mentioning one by one.

Weapon Base Event Graph

This is the event graph for Weapon base class. Here's where all the main logic for weapons happens.

Right-click and drag to look around the sample. Nodes are a bit offset and connections are not straight because of the plugin used to display the blueprint here