Vr Systems


September 2019 - August 2021

Systems Engineering

Unreal Engine, Unity


Over my two years of work at Infinity Labs, my main responsibility was building VR interaction systems that are being used in all the company's projects.

The tools are still being used to build safety trainings and other applications for clients like Tesla, Shell, Ahold, and the Dutch ministry of defence, to name a few.


Every project has it's own demands and constraints, which is why the system is designed to be modular and expendable.

All kinds of interaction is easy to set up, and tweaked based on desired behavior. The same components are able to work with hand tracking and controllers seamlessly, multiple traversal options are available and easy to switch in-between.

Clients had their own constraints in terms of hardware or interactions, which also led to the systems being adapted for AR, and a parallel similar interation system to be designed in Unity.

System application for projects

Over time, as the system grew, and the company expended, I put in my effort on the side of documentation and workflow management.

The toolset now includes built in Narration and guidance/hinting tools, snapping tools, and many more, that can be useful in imitating the real world, or making any kind of XR application, and I am proud to say that it continues to grow and improve without needing my direct involvement.